Getting Started with STM32L4+Discovery Kit  (04:29)

Check out how to get started with our STM32L4R9I Discovery Kit which gives you access to a 1.2 inch 390x390 pixel LCD screen with capacitive touch screen!

TouchGFX : Sportswatch Demo on a STM32L4R9I-EVAL (2:55)

STM32L4R9 Evaluation board running a TouchGFX demo application. An example of how you can benefit from the unique features of STM32L4+ series to bring sharper user experiences to wearables and smart objects with a best-in class battery life time.

Getting started with Drone Flight Control Unit (6:53)

Step-by-step guide to build a mini drone based on STEVAL-FCU001 Flight Control Unit and fly it in minutes

STM32L4+ MCUs: Ultra-low-power excellence with more performance  (04:12)

With STM32L4+, ST has extended the STM32L4 technology providing more performance (up to 120 MHz) , more embedded memory (up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 640 Kbytes of SRAM) and richer graphics and connectivity features while keeping the best‐in‐class ultra‐low‐power capability.

Get to know STSPIN32F0 (02:38)

Get to know STSPIN32F0 Advanced brushless DC motor drivers with embedded 32-bit MCU

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