Our comprehensive platform approach offers customers a large choice of products and solutions for secure wearable applications including payment, transport, and multiple contactless services.

ST offers a complete range of turnkey pre-certified solutions for most payment and transit schemes (EMVCo, PBOC, VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, and MIFARE®), from ST31 secure microcontrollers to full-scale NFC solutions based on state-of-the-art ST53 and ST54 systems-in-package integrating a Secure Element.

ST's boostedNFCTM technology is ideal for applications that require a card emulation function, but are environmentally challenged or have limited space for the antenna. Our STS392x family of advanced analog front-ends implement Active Load Modulation technology and guarantee reliable NFC & contactless transactions on wearables in challenging metallic environments or that require a very small antenna.

ST provides a comprehensive development environment and design package to:

  • Simplify the software integration: Compatible with most operating systems including Linux, Android, RTOS, and Windows, ST lowers the cost for developers by providing multi-application support with optimized solutions including intuitive SDK platforms for integrating contactless services around any microcontroller architecture.
  • Simplify the hardware integration: Reference designs, expansion boards, and design guidelines are available to help developers come up with the best solution for their applications
  • Simplify the deployment: Integration with the most popular trusted service managers (TSM) and pre-certification services help reduce time to market as well as development costs.


ST53G: the optimal solution for Wearable contactless transactions

The ST53G system-in-package integrates the widely-deployed ST31G Secure MCU and STS3922 NFC booster to deliver a breakthrough module enabling wearable devices to support secure contactless transactions. Despite a very small antenna, its boostedNFC™ technology ensures a compelling user experience. The ST53G all-in-one secure solution meets the extremely high Common Criteria EAL5+ security requirements and complies with the EMVCo standard.

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