3-axes digital output linear accelerometerr, ±2g / ±6g user selectable full-scale, I2C, SPI

The LIS3LV02DL is a three axes digital output linear accelerometer that includes a sensing element and an IC interface able to take the information from the sensing element and to provide the measured acceleration signals to the external world through an I2C/SPI serial interface.

The sensing element, capable of detecting the acceleration, is manufactured using a dedicated process developed by ST to produce inertial sensors and actuators in silicon.

The IC interface instead is manufactured using a CMOS process that allows high level of integration to design a dedicated circuit which is factory trimmed to better match the sensing element characteristics.

The LIS3LV02DL has a user selectable full scale of ±2g, ±6g and it is capable of measuring acceleration over a bandwidth of 640 Hz for all axes. The device bandwidth may be selected accordingly to the application requirements.

The self-test capability allows the user to check the functioning of the device.

The device may be also configured to generate an inertial wake-up/free-fall interrupt signal when a programmable acceleration threshold is crossed at least in one of the three axes.

The LIS3LV02DL is available in plastic SMD package and it is specified over a temperature range extending from -40°C to +85°C.

The LIS3LV02DL belongs to a family of products suitable for a variety of applications:Free-Fall detectionMotion activated functions in portable terminalsAntitheft systems and Inertial navigationGaming and virtual reality input devicesVibration monitoring and compensation

Key Features

  • ECOPACK® compliant (see Section 9)
  • High shock survivability
  • Programmable 12 or 16 bit data representation
  • Programmable interrupt threshold
  • 2.16V to 3.6V single supply operation
  • I2 C/SPI digital output interfaces
  • 1.8V compatible IOs
  • Interrupt activated by motion
  • Embedded self test

Circuit Diagram

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS4626 DS4626: MEMS inertial sensor: 3-axis - ±2g/±6g digital output low voltage linear accelerometer 2.1 653 KB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN2381 AN2381: LIS3LV02DL: 3-axis - ±2g/±6g digital output low voltage linear accelerometer 1.4 730 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
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TN0018 TN0018: Surface mounting guidelines for MEMS sensors in an LGA package 6.0 214 KB
Design Notes & Tips
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DT0053 DT0053: 6-point tumble sensor calibration 1.0 464 KB

Publications and Collaterals

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Three-axis digital accelerometer in LGA 2.1 137 KB
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AEC-Q100-qualified for smart automotive applications 01.2018 1 MB
MEMS and Sensors, Smart solutions for IoT and enhanced user experience 1 MB

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LIS3LV02DLTR LGA 16 4.4x7.5x1.0 Tape And Reel Active 4.24 1000 NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO Get Sample Add to cart DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY
LIS3LV02DL LGA 16 4.4x7.5x1.0 Tray Active 4.24 1000 NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY

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Quality & Reliability

Part Number Marketing Status Package RoHS Compliance Grade Material Declaration**
LIS3LV02DLTR ActiveLGA 16 4.4x7.5x1.0Ecopack2 0 0
LIS3LV02DL ActiveLGA 16 4.4x7.5x1.0Ecopack2 0 0

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