Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

Unwavering commitment to technology with flexible engagement models.

For more than 25 years, technology innovation has always been at the core of ST's strategy. Our investments in technology development are market-driven, with the goal of turning state-of-the-art technologies into cutting-edge commercial products, directly resulting in value creation for our customers.
Today, with a wide portfolio of patents and strong pipeline of innovation, ST is one of the few semiconductor companies mastering many different technologies. Those innovations can make end products significantly smaller, faster, more energy efficient, more reliable, and embedded with new functions, resolving the challenges people face in their daily lives and fulfilling their aspirations.

We create and tailor a portfolio of analog and digital process technologies to offer our customers the best solutions for their applications and provide high quality services from design enablement to technology delivery.

Driven by a global lean manufacturing culture, ST provides customers with a range of engagement models including premium foundry, application specific integrated IC and application specific standard product services.

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artificial intelligence AI ST has been engaged in Artificial Intelligence R&D for several years developing solutions for running Artificial Neural Networks on general purpose microcontrollers as well as AI-specific Hardware and Software IP.
Laser Beam Scanning MEMS ScanAR technology enables fast development of high-performance Laser Beam Scanning system for Augmented Reality glasses through a reference design and a manufacturing ecosystem.
BCD bipolar-cmos-dmos Combining the strengths of two different process technologies, offering high speed and gain for high-frequency analog sections, while keeping logic gates simple and efficient.
VIPower Vertical Intelligent Power ST’s VIPower™ (Vertical Intelligent Power) technology combines vertical power transistors, control, driving and protection circuits on the same chip
silicon carbide sic ST’s Silicon Carbide technology is a revolution in high-voltage switching and rectification
ST's Gallium Nitride technology for high frequency switching power
BICMOS ST’s unrivaled technology bringing improved reliability, reduced electromagnetic interference and smaller chip area to address a broad range of smart power applications.
FD-SOI Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator Innovative silicon planar process technology improving power efficiency and bringing high flexibility in SoC integration, while simplifying the manufacturing process.
RF-SOI The optimal RF SOI process, enabling customers to develop state-of-the-art fully-integrated RF Front-End-Modules.
ST’s Phase-Change Memory technology is ideal for increasing embedded memory sizes in microcontrollers. Combined with FD-SOI it enables a robust automotive grade microcontroller technology attaining the required standards for high-temperature operation, radiation hardening, and data retention.
MEMS technology A unique set of processes and capabilities, from micromachining to innovative packaging, enabling a large variety of sensors and micro-actuators with high reliability and great performance.
imaging A broad portfolio of specialized silicon processes and market proven IP for small & large imaging sensors, Image Signal Processors (ISP), pixel technologies, algorithms and optics.