AEKD System Solution Demonstrators

ツール & ソフトウェア

To facilitate the testing of automotive system solutions, ST offers application engineers a set of ready-to-use demonstrators, kits and assemblies. Using a single order code, a pre-assembled demonstrator or a board kit can be ordered. Moreover, hardware assemblies such as car lights or mini conveyor belts can be ordered to enhance the prototype, getting closer to the real application and evaluating all its potential peculiarities.

  • Full demonstrators: Sets of pre-assembled demonstrator boards implementing an automotive system solution.
  • Hardware assemblies: Non-electronic parts, such as car-like components and loads, used to enrich the prototype and help designers to get closer to the real application and enable a more comprehensive evaluation of the complete solution.
  • Board kits: Sets of pre-selected boards can be ordered using a single code providing an easy, flexible means to build and program a system solution prototype for specific automotive applications.