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Innovations in Connectivity
16 th June 2021
9:00 AM PDT
80 minutes
Connectivity Protocols Overview
  • Overview of the versatile BlueNRG-LP series
  • Showcase of the STM32WL for sub-GHz connectivity
  • Showcase of the STM32WB with Multi-protocol connectivity
  • Dock-n-Play Wireless USB link with ST60
10:30 AM PDT
80 minutes
Industrial IoT
  • New hybrid power line communication & RF connectivity
  • Concurrent Bluetooth® LE Connections with BlueNRG-LP
  • Long range Bluetooth® enabled by BlueNRG-LP
  • Sub-GHz connectivity with STNRG-LP
12:00 PM PDT
40 minutes
NFC for Industrial Applications
  • Versatility of NFC for consumer and industrial applications
  • Optimize manufacturing and logistics operations with ST RFID/NFC + ST Partner FEIG electronics
Innovations in Sensing
17 th June 2021
9:00 AM PDT
80 minutes
2D & 3D Sensing Technologies
  • Touchless system activation
  • Content management
  • Liquid level measurement
  • User detection/system activation for personal electronics: Security and power saving
  • Ambient light sensors
11:00 AM PDT
80 minutes
Personal Electronics​
  • Laser beam scanning for Augmented Reality wearable applications
  • ST's IMU: continuous innovation with MLC and 32g
  • Enabling 3D geo-location with ST pressure sensors
  • ST's accelerometers: how to pick the perfect fit
1:30 PM PDT
80 minutes
Industrial IoT
  • Jumpstart your asset tracking applications using sensors and solutions
  • Sensors and solutions enabling condition monitoring in IIoT
  • Industrial fan monitoring: an example of Sensor-to-Cloud application
  • MEMS inclinometers in static and dynamic applications
Innovations in Power Day 1
22 nd June 2021
8:30 AM PDT
80 minutes
Gallium Nitride
  • GaN Technology: The Future of Power Electronics
  • GaN Demonstrated: Ultra-compact AC/DC solutions for low power and high efficiency
  • Introducing STi2GaN: A new integrated & intelligent GaN power solution
  • Increased power density for high voltage converters
  • Applications for high voltage converters using integrated Wide Bandgap half-bridge devices
10:30 AM PDT
60 minutes
Silicon Carbide
  • Advancements in SiC MOSFETs: STPower 3rd generation technology and packaging
  • STPower SiC versus the field: A study in DC/AC power
  • Totem-pole PFC application enhanced by SiC for EV on-board charging
11:30 AM PDT
80 minutes
Industrial Power
  • Gate drivers for Wide Bandgap devices
  • MDmesh K6, the new reference technology for >800 V rated MOSFETs
  • Fast recovery diode evolution in super-junction MOSFETs: MDMesh DM2 to MDMesh DM6
  • New SMT Module package for high power discretes
1:30 PM PDT
60 minutes
IGBTs for Industrial & Automotive
  • STPower IGBTs in SMT modules for automotive power applications
  • New integrated power modules for industrial applications
  • New IGBT technologies for motor drive and induction cooking: The STPower M and IH series
Innovations in Power Day 2
23 th June 2021
9:00 AM PDT
80 minutes
Power Innovations
  • Wireless charging solutions enable power transfer up to 50 W
  • Augmenting the VIPerPlus family of high voltage converters with GaN and next gen silicon MOSFETS
  • New very high voltage MOSFET K6 technology validation in 100 W LED lighting driver
  • Linear region operation of a 1200 V superjunction MOSFET
10:30 AM PDT
45 minutes
Digital Power Control
  • Digital power supply control with innovative STM32G4 features and Biricha design tools
11:30 AM PDT
40 minutes
Power for Cloud Computing, Networks & Data Centers
  • 48 V to 12 V conversion using STBUCK with coupled inductor
  • 12 V innovative multiphase power delivery using TLVR technology
2:30 PM PDT
65 minutes
Power & Motor Control
  • Isolated gate driver solution with isolated power supply
  • Minimizing solution size in next generation constant-conduction power factor correction circuits
  • ACEPACK DRIVE power module for automotive inverters
  • Conclusion
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