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Tools and Software
  The media player category includes devices such BluRay players, OTT (Over The Top) players and portable media players. All of them provide for the playback of audiovisual content on a screen but they do it in very different ways. Blu-Ray Player allow users to play audiovisual  stored locally on a Blu-Ray optical disk, OTT players allow the delivery of film and TV content directly through media streaming via the internet, and portable media players typically playback content preloaded onto the device or allow real-time streaming via a wireless connection.

Blu-ray Players

Blu-ray Media Players allow playback of digital media from a Blu-ray disc - a particular format for digital optical disc data storage.  Users can playback digital media such as audio, images, and video files stored locally on a Blu-ray disc or, typic
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OTT Media Players

Over-The-Top (OTT) media players deliver audiovisual content via the internet - as opposed to content delivered via a traditional cable or satellite TV service. The content can be streamed in real-time via a wired or wireless connection to a display
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Portable Media Players

Portable media players come in a wide variety of form factors and functionality today. In general, they allow the playback of audio and visual content in a convenient form factor. According to the capabilities of the device media files that can be pl
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