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On Board Charger (OBC)

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At the heart of any electric (EV) or plug-in hybrid (HEV) vehicle lays the high-voltage (200 to 450 VDC) battery and its associated charging system. The on-board charger (OBC) provides the means to recharge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets found in private or public charging stations.  From a 3.6 kW single-phase to a 22 kW three-phase high-power converter, today's (OBCs) On-Board Chargers must have the highest possible efficiency and reliability to ensure rapid charging times as well as meet the limited space and weight requirements. Read more

Our offer for energy-efficient OBC

Our offer for energy-efficient OBC

ST has a wide offer of discrete semiconductors including AEC-Q101 qualified IGBTs and both silicon and silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and diodes, AEC-Q100 qualified galvanically isolated  IGBT and MOSFET gate drivers and SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers to enable scalable, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for implementing these challenging converters.

Whitepaper - On-Board Chargers (OBC) in Electric Vehicles: how to address key design challenges