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Game consoles are electronic devices optimized for video gaming but often incorporating a number of additional functions. Gaming consoles either are designed to be permanently plugged into the mains power or they are designed to be battery operated and the two types are significantly different in design.  A portable console is powered by a battery, has one or more embedded screens and haptic devices, and it is relatively light. It needs to be optimized for portable gaming play time. A mains powered console is designed to run the most complex video games, with dedicated gaming CPUs and GPUs, and it has internal and external I/Os for human machine interfaces and screens.

Our products and solutions

ST offers a range of solutions for both battery powered and mains powered gaming consoles. 

ST has been present in portable gaming consoles since the beginning, providing the technology to introduce innovative functionality with high accuracy and low power motion sensors, low power wireless connectivity including NFC, Secure solutions, low-power microcontrollers and battery and power management products. 

For mains powered consoles key products include power management solutions comprising DC-DC switching converters, USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery solutions, and voltage regulators.