In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

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Consumer experiences with personal electronics are shaping expectations for in-vehicle infotainment systems making it a fast-evolving segment of the automotive industry. Vehicle occupants expect to be entertained, connected and able to seamlessly access information and content from a variety of sources.

At ST, we have been developing innovative integrated circuits for in-vehicle Infotainment since our first car radio ICs.

Our latest designs provide IC solutions for complex infotainment cluster, integrating advanced audio and video features, mirroring smartphones and multimedia devices and running apps, while transmitting data quickly and securely inside and outside the car. Greater processing power, high in-car bandwidth, secure external communication links and world-class audio amplifiers all combine to ensure that you can build infotainment systems for all your markets.

Our extensive infotainment portfolio covers everything from the high-end integrated platforms, digital radio and outstanding class AB and class D audio power amplifiers.

Automotive Sound System
Automotive Sound System
In-vehicle sound systems can be quite complex with multiple speakers, including sub-woofers, spread around the vehicle’s interior to enhance the driving experience ...
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Infotainment Module
Infotainment Module
The Infotainment Module aggregates all the infotainment functions of the vehicle, including tuner reception, media connectivity, audio playback ...
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