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LED Displays and Signage

Tools and Software
Various applications such as displays, information panels, signs, traffic signals and mobile/portable applications are becoming more and more popular.

LED Backlighting

LEDs have practically replaced cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in LCD backlight applications used for panels in small devices including smartphones and tablets as well as large appliances and electronics such as TVs, PC monitors, and notebooks.
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LED Displays for Signage

Digital sign boards, billboards and similar devices used to display text, images, animations or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising purposes and most often found in outdoor public areas greatly benefit from th
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LED Small Displays

In portable battery-operated equipment including tablets and smartphones, the display supply and backlight must guarantee the highest possible efficiency and low noise as well as small size and weight.
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LED Traffic Signals

Whether for traffic lights or message panels, the use of LED traffic signals is increasingly widespread in both permanent and portable, battery-operated systems with photo-voltaic panels. In addition to the basic display function – with ambient light
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Our products and solutions

For these applications, new HB LED drivers with constant current outputs have been designed. The constant LED current guarantees the same brightness for all LEDs and provides a cost advantage in lighting system solutions, as there is no need for external resistors for each individual LED. In addition to their enhanced current accuracy, ST’s HB LED drivers also provide optional features such as embedded power-saving circuitry (ST-patent), as well as built-in LED error detection. Available variants allow designers to specify either or both of these value-added features, in a choice of four industry-standard package options.