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Satellites, space probes and launch vehicles can be classified by orbit elevation, target life time, mission criticality, or the mission they are designed to accomplish – communications, Earth observation, security, or scientific.

All these space vehicles must reach or exceed the required lifetime with a probability depending on their criticality, despite a very aggressive environment with high radiations levels in some high-altitude orbits, temperature variations that can be extreme, or vacuum that limits power dissipation. To face these conditions, engineers must implement redundancy and architectures to reduce power dissipation, as well as choose electronics components able to resist the harsh space environment.

With over 40 years of space heritage and tens of millions of flight without failure, ST proposes a large portfolio of radiation-hardened (Rad-Hard) products for the toughest radiation and thermal environments for a variety of space applications, including satellite platforms and payloads for power systems and mixed signal boards.

We have in-house design and manufacturing facilities that enable us to meet requirements for Total Ionization Dose (TID), Enhance Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS) and Single Effect Event (SEE) as requested by qualification protocols – including ESCC, JANS and QML – set by various space agencies and organizations.

Payloads and Platforms
Payloads and Platforms
Satellites currently designed are getting more and more digital, with control units consisting in mixed signal...
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Power Systems
Power Systems
Space Power Systems chain includes the power generation by the solar panel, the Power Conditioning Unit, generating the...
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