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Global data traffic on the Internet has been growing exponentially the past years and is forecast to reach several Zetabytes (billions of terabytes) per year by 2021. Smartphones will account for the majority of total IP traffic, followed by PCs, TVs, high-resolution cameras, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) modules and other connected devices. This IP data deluge is necessitating more cost effective and scalable networking architecture and cloud data center approaches.

ST offers enabling silicon technologies that accelerate innovation for carrier transport and web-scale networks, mobile and satellite communications, and broadband access systems. End user applications include broadband satellite demodulators and transceivers, optical transceivers, Ethernet switches, base station radios, and millimeter wave beamforming consumer premises equipment (CPE).


Telecom System Power
Telecom System Power
The use of complex digital ASICs for managing growing data traffic is pushing further the power envelope...
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