Engineers looking to improve the efficiency of their mid-range SMPS designs benefit from ST's extensive experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and as a leading technology innovator.

ST's Schottky and Ultrafast diode portfolio includes 650 to 1200 V SiC and 45 to 100 V field-effect rectifier diodes (FERD) ensuring that designers can take advantage of the very latest technologies to develop cost-efficient, high-efficiency converter/inverter solutions.

Depending on the targeted application and its voltage, developers can choose from a wide range of devices to ensure the best compromise in terms of forward voltage drop (VF) and leakage current (IR) as well as other characteristics.

ST also offers a wide range of automotive-grade diodes qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard and intended for DC-DC converters used in numerous automotive functions.

To help developers quickly identify the best product for their application, our ST Diode Finder mobile app for smartphones and tablets includes a detailed parametric search engine, a fast view of the most important electrical parameters of any diode, and more.

Our eDesignSuite is an easy-to-use comprehensive software suite that includes a smart power loss simulator and system design engine as well as smart product selectors and configurators to help reduce design time and development costs.

Diodes and Rectifiers portfolio

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