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ST offers a portfolio of automotive sensors qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards, including single, dual and 3-axis accelerometers (low and high g full scale), 3-axis gyroscopes and 6-axis inertial modules (IMU), all with digital output.

Automotive MEMS accelerometers

accelerometer automotive

ST's low-g accelerometers have advanced power-saving features and an extended temperature range that make them the ideal choice for non-critical automotive applications, such as telematics, navigation, infotainment and security.

Our high-g accelerometers feature an extended temperature range and are suitable for airbag applications in vehicle safety restraint systems.

Automotive MEMS gyroscopes

gyroscope automotive

Our 3-axis gyroscopes offer superior stability over time and temperature. ST's angular rate sensors guarantee the level of accuracy required by the most advanced navigation systems embedding dead reckoning.

ST's automotive-grade gyroscopes have a single sensing structure for motion measurement along all three orthogonal axes, while other solutions on the market rely on 2 or 3 independent structures. Our solution eliminates any interference between the axes that inherently degrades the output signal. The result is increased accuracy and reliability of motion-controlled functionalities.

Automotive 6-axis inertial module (IMU)

inertial module imu automotive

The ASM330LHH is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope with an extended temperature range up to +105 °C. It is designed to address automotive non-safety and sensor-assisted applications like dead reckoning and sensor fusion.

ST's MEMS automotive sensors are developed on the same technology platform used for high-volume MEMS at the core of many industrial and consumer applications.

(PDF) MEMS Sensors for Automotive Applications

Download our PDF brochure introducing our automotive sensor portfolio, key features and benefits, as well as our evaluation tools and design solutions.