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Near Field Communication (NFC) was born as a specialized subset of the 13.56MHz RFID technology in 2002.

Initially used for access control and public transport payment cards, the integration into credit / debit cards and smartphones is driving rapid growth not only for payment but also as an always-on radio link for simple pairing, diagnostic readout, parameter programming and much more.

One of the pioneers of RFID and NFC technology, ST offers a comprehensive range, covering all NFC application needs, supported by a rich ecosystem. The devices include NFC / RFID tags, Dynamic NFC tags, NFC / RFID readers & NFC controllers including secure element for secure NFC applications and turnkey solutions.

 ST is proud to be a Sponsor Member of the NFC forum.

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The ST25T product family offers a wide range of NFC / RFID tags with memory sizes from 512-bits to 64-Kbit.

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ST25 Dynamic NFC Tag

ST’s dynamic NFC / RFID tags feature up to 64-Kbit of EEPROM memory which can be accessed either through an RF contactless interface operating at 13.56 MHz or a low-power I²C interface.

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ST25 NFC/RFID Reader

Convenient, always-on low power short-range wireless link that is driving the growth for convenient pairing, diagnostic readout, data tracking, and parameter setting use cases in Consumer, Industrial, Automotive and Medical applications.

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ST21 NFC Controller

The ST21NFCD is a single NFC controller IC designed for integration in mobile devices and NFC compliant products. It includes: Card Emulation, Reader/Writer and Peer to Peer communication.

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ST33 / ST54 Secure NFC

The secure microcontroller family is designed to meet advanced security and performance requirements for applications including NFC-SIM, NFC embedded secure element, embedded SIM and machine-to-machine for industrial and automotive markets.

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