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ST offers a series of intelligent power switches (IPS) for high-side and low-side configurations. These devices integrate the control section (logic interface, drivers, diagnostic and protection features) and the power stage on the same chip, with benefits in terms of compactness, increased system reliability and cost effectiveness.

ST‘s IPS can be used in combination with any industrial load, resistive, inductive or capacitive.

60 V intelligent power switches with protections and diagnostics

The IPS160H and IPS161H are single high-side switches with protection and diagnostics for Safety Integrity Level (SIL2 and SIL3) compliant systems. With a supply voltage range up to 60 V, these intelligent power switches are capable of safely driving complex (resistive, capacitive and inductive) loads with one side connected to ground such as valves, relays and lamps in factory automation or process control applications. With a current limitation exceeding 2.6 A and 0.7 A respectively, the IPS160H and IPS161H feature a programmable cut-off delay time and come with evaluation boards and a user-friendly GUI for easy hands-on development.

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