Line Card Protection Series

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ST’s SLIC protection device family helps set-top boxes, gateways, EPON, GPON and voice band protection equipment meet the most stringent telecom standards for lightning, AC power contact and induction.

With the 2-line card protection LCP series, ST protects all SLICs on the market and offers:

  • Compliance with the highest telecom standards
  • Support for single- and dual-voltage SLIC types
  • The most efficient crowbar-mode protection thanks to programmable gates: the threshold voltage follows the power supply voltage and protection efficiency is ensured whatever the power supply voltage setting and variations

The LCP15, LCP02, LCP12 and LCDP1521S devices are suited for all battery voltages, offering high flexibility to customers.
In addition, the LCDP1521S enables cost and space savings versus versus two LCP1521S components.

The LCP devices are available in industry-standard SO-8 and SO-8W packages.