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ST's hi-rel- and aerospace-diode portfolio includes Schottky (1N58xx, STPSx) and bipolar rectifiers (1N66xx, BYXxx). 

These devices offer very good performances within many applications and are available with a reverse voltage up to 200 V and a maximum forward current up to 40 A.

Housed in a variety of packages, including TO-254, SMD.5 and LCC2 (compatible with US D5-A/B), they have been qualified under the ESCC system.

New Generation of Power Diodes for Space

Specifically designed for Aerospace and Defense applications, all devices in this new series are qualified at 3Mrad(Si) and characterized to demonstrate their SEE robustness.

The STPS60A150C is the first 150 volt Schottky diode to be qualified for space, paving the way design with dramatically enhanced efficiency.

Along with the STTH60200C, STTH60400 and STTH40200C, these power rectifiers offer a forward voltage (VF) significantly lower than what is currently available.

All products have a VF specified at various forward currents (IF) per diode, making it possible to take full advantage of the low VF, regardless of the actual current in the application.

Engineering model are available from stock for the 4 parts.

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