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Triacs are used to control AC mains applications. They can be used as simple on/off switches, to replace electromechanical relays while providing a higher degree of flexibility (through electronic control) and superior reliability. Using a simple phase-control circuit, they can also be used to control power level through AC loads.

ST’s portfolio includes devices with voltage ratings up to 800 V and RMS on-currents up to 40 A in general-purpose standard configurations, a new high commutation T series in Snubberless™ technology, and high-temperature Triacs for use in harsh environments. They are the reference for universal motor drivers in appliance applications due to their ability to manage the inrush conditions when driving inductive loads.

They are available in plastic molded or ceramic isolated and non-isolated through-hole power packages, as well as surface-mount packages.

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Ease your transition to surface-mount Triacs with our extended D²PAK portfolio

ST further extends its D²PAK offer for Triacs, ideal for compact designs. With parts ranging from 8 to 30 A, this Triac D²PAK offer is particularly suited for home and factory automation, allowing innovative designs with isolated metal substrate (IMS) and direct-bonded copper boards.
Discover our High-temperature Triacs and Standard and Snubberless Triacs in D²PAK.

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