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STは、MEMSモーション・センサ / 環境センサ、ワイヤレス通信ソリューション(NFC / RFIDなど)、バッテリおよびパワー・マネージメント・ソリューション、アナログ・センサ用のシグナル・コンディショニング、低消費電力の8bitおよび32bitマイクロコントローラを幅広く提供し、効果的なトラッキング / モニタリング・ソリューションの設計を支援しています。

Asset Tracking use cases

Asset tracking refers to a very broad range of use cases, each with its own specific requirements and associated challenges:

  • Letters, packages and parcels: may in some cases be useful to track with disposable solutions (motion, shock, impact and vibration monitoring during transportation and storage…)
  • Goods guarantee like cold chain, food tracking and medical assets: requiring controlled transportation that might involve temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring and perhaps unusual or unwanted displacement or orientation. ​
  • Warehouse logistics: for tracking status and condition of individual pallets in warehouses and during shipment. ​
  • Indoor localization like Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS): to monitor the location of tools in plants and warehouses, or luggage in airports to within a few centimeters.
  • Real-time outdoor monitoring: to track overseas shipping containers or manage fleets such as car or e-bike rental for shared mobility in smart-city scenarios, or to monitor the condition and position of livestock in smart farming.​


Technical challenges

All the above application scenarios present a wide range of challenges, including position accuracy and secure wireless connectivity with high-accuracy low-power sensors.