Stellar 32位汽车MCU


The new Stellar family of Automotive Microcontrollers is designed for Domain Controller based Automotive Platforms. The Stellar devices build on ST’s extensive know-how and strong track record in high-performance automotive MCUs and will complement the successful SPC58 series to manage the next generation of electronic systems.

The new family of MCUs has many innovative features to ensure real-time performance and safety while minimizing power consumption in harsh, high temperature environments.  Major applications for Stellar MCUs include smart control for hybrid powertrain, the broad electrification of car systems with on-board chargers, battery-management systems and DC-DC controllers, as well as smart gateways, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and enhanced Vehicle Stability Controls.

The Stellar family is a technological breakthrough. Combining advantages of 28nm  FD-SOI, embedded Phase Change Memory (PCM) and multiple Arm Cortex R-52 cores. The Stellar family can support frequencies up to 600Mhz and more than 40MByte embedded PCM non-volatile memory for fast and deterministic real-time computing, free from the delays of non-integrated memories.

Stellar is manufactured in-house in the STMicroelectronics’ 12’’ Crolles facility. 

Stellar main features at a glance:

Core: Arm Cortex R-52, lockstep and real time performance

Safety: ASIL-D for ISO26262 compliancy. To further enhance safety and reliability, Stellar MCUs feature a hypervisor for software separation and memory protection.

Security: state-of-the-art HSM with EVITA FULL support

Embedded memory: AEC-Q100 Grade 0-compliant Phase-Change Memory up to 40MB PCM with data retention up to 165°C. It Supports Software-Over-The-Air to manage multiple firmware images. A convenient eMMC interface offers additional external storage

Communication: multi-bus routing across its rich automotive interfaces, including Ethernet, CAN-FD and LIN CAN-FD, Ethernet, LIN, DSPI, FlexRay. 

Operating Temperature: full operations guaranteed in -40 to 150C range.

Stellar P Stellar G