The Open Software Expansion development suite offers drivers, middleware and application software to jump start your STM32 design with ST products including MEMS motion sensors, Bluetooth smart ICs, environmental sensors, and MEMS microphones. It enables fast prototyping using the STM32 Open Development Environment with leading-edge components that can quickly be transformed into final designs.

The Open Software Expansion environment is made up of several free libraries:

• Open.MEMS: sensor processing libraries for supporting hardware and software architectures including those based on ST’s 6- and 9-axis fusion engines

 Open.RF: protocols and profiles for the wireless connectivity, including the BlueNRG (Bluetooth low energy) library with a comprehensive suite of BT Smart profiles

• Open.Audio: libraries and processing algorithms for audio capturing systems based on digital MEMS microphones (including BlueVoice, a Voice over Bluetooth Low Energy vendor-specific profile)

• Open.OpAmp: libraries and examples for op amp based applications. It also includes calculation tools.  

It also includes implementation examples in the Open.Framework section.

The BlueMicrosystem expansion software package uses a Bluetooth low energy (BlueNRG) network processor for communication and includes complete middleware to build applications using pressure, temperature and humidity sensors as well as motion sensors (MEMS).

Bluetooth low energy is also used as a communication protocol in the BlueVoiceLink framework, where speech captured by ST digital MEMS microphones is streamed in real-time with very low-power consumption by means of the BlueNRG network processor.

Start your design today with our Open Software Expansion development suite.