Our tiny standalone Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module engine (Teseo-LIV3F) is the first member of the new ST’s GNSS Module portfolio.

The Teseo-LIV3F is an easy-to-use standalone GNSS module with an embedded Teseo III single-die positioning receiver IC able to work simultaneously on multiple constellations (GPS/Galileo/Glonass/BeiDou/QZSS).

The module is designed for top performance in a minimal space and it is optimized for cost-sensitive applications without compromising quality. Cost-competitive, it allows for easy integration and migration from existing product designs including trackers, telematics, portable, and tablets as well as marine and sports accessories.

Within its 9.7 x 10.1 mm compact size, the Teseo-LIV3F offers superior accuracy thanks to its embedded 26-MHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and a reduced Time To First Fix (TTFF) relying to its dedicated 32-kHz real-time clock (RTC).

The Teseo-LIV3F supports data logging for continuous storage of position, velocity and time information inside its embedded 16-Mbit Flash memory.

A flexible firmware solution makes it easy to download new firmware and updates. 

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